Smart Electricity Meter Accuracy Class
Apr 24 , 2021

Accuracy class of electricity meter refers to the class of measuring instrument that meets certain measurement standard requirements and keeps measurement error within the specified limit. It’s also an important indicator of electricity meter’s performance.

At present, there are four accuracy classes of commonly used electricity meters: 2.0, 1.0, 0.5S and 0.2S, which are usually expressed by A, B, C and D in Europe.

Accuracy   classMeasurement   Error

Among them, the accuracy class of active electricity meters used by general residential customers is not less than 2.0.

Class 1.0 meter is the most widely used, mainly used for household and basic industrial and commercial electricity metering. Industries requiring high accuracy will choose meters above class 0.5S. Many manufacturers develop class 1.0 meter as the basic meter.

Class 0.5S meters have higher accuracy than class 1.0. It’s mainly used for electricity metering in industry and small power stations, because there is a large demand for electricity and a lot of intelligent requirements, such as multi-period metering, two-way reactive power metering, etc.

Class 0.2S meters are mainly used in power station. In addition to its own electricity consumption, power stations mainly transmit electricity to the outside, which requires high technical requirements. Therefore, multi-functional smart meters and gateway meters have emerged to meet the demand.

What does the 's' on the electricity meter accuracy class 0.2s & 0.5s mean? The main difference between them is the different accuracy requirements for light load metering.

Non-S-class meters have no error requirements below 5%Ib (rated current), while S-class meters have error requirements at 1%Ib, which improves the metering characteristics of the meter under light load. At light loads, S-class has higher measuring accuracy than non-S-class. TOPSCOMM can customize smart electricity meters with different accuracy class according to customer’s requirements, welcome to consult.

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